Canada-Wide Science Fair STEM Expo

Every year on May 16th, the International Day of Light celebration brings together a global community of partners in a wide range of local events and activities to raise awareness about the many ways in which light plays a central role in today’s world.

IDL Canada will be promoting light during May 2021 through videos from leading scientists and researchers, DIY at-home experiments, special content and videos about the use of light in astronomy and various optics phenomena and much more!

In addition to the month-long celebration of light over social media, IDL Canada will be participating in Youth Science Canada’s STEM Expo held concurrently with the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) from May 19-21. IDL Canada’s virtual exhibit will feature content highlighting the use of light in modern science, the integration of light in art and culture, light in the world around is, and various demonstrations, interactive simulations, and at-home experiment ideas. Content will be shared in both of our national languages. A live session will also take place, encouraging students to engage with optical scientists!