We invite you to celebrate the International Day of Light by doing a light-related activity around May 16th.  Events around the world can be found at, including those throughout Canada.

IDL Canada is taking part in the 2022 STEM Expo at the Canada-Wide Science Fair May 18-20 and we encourage you to visit our virtual exhibits in English and French.

If you’d like to get involved or have research that you would like us to highlight please contact us.

If you’re interested in organzing your own event provides a quick guide. Or you could join with one of our Partners such as Science Rendezvous or Science Odyssey to be part of a bigger festival.  Download the IDLCanada logo and use it in your promotional materials.

IDL Canada will promote coordinated events throughout Canada at the National, Regional & Local levels.  Tag your event with #IDLCanada, share with us on social media @IDLCanada, so we can promote it, and submit your event to the UNESCO database to get international publicity.