Steering Committee

Chair, Dr. Chitra Rangan, University of Windsor

Ms. Francine Ford, Canadian Association of Physicists

Dr. Robert Corriveau, Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium

Dr. Christopher Pugh, International Association of Physics Students, Brandon University

Ms. Stephanie Deschenes, Canadian Association of Science Centres

Ms. Lana Haight, Canadian Light Source

Dr. François Légaré, INRS-ALLS

Ms. Jennifer Vuong, National Research Council

Mr. José-Manuel Gil, NSERC/Science Odyssey

Ms. Kathleen Miller, NSERC/Science Rendezvous

Dr. Dwayne Miller, Science Rendezvous/University of Toronto

Dr. Phil Langill, Canadian Astronomical Society/University of Calgary

Dr. Tsuneyuki Ozaki, International Union on Pure and Applied Physics