Carnival of Light

Join us live at the 2021 Carnival of Light to celebrate the UNESCO-sponsored International Day of Light (IDL) in Canada. This exciting event will take place on Gather.Town, and feature live demonstrations, presentations from Canadian researchers about the importance of light in their research, and a quantum optics lab tour.

The Carnival of Light will take place on the final day of the STEM Expo: Friday May 21st, from 12-3pm EST. Please register for the event (a Gather.Town link will be sent to registrants on the day-of) and to enter your name to win an at-home optics experiment kit!

Never used Gather.Town before? No worries! Check out this first time user tutorial or one a little more in depth.

Example of the Gather.Town Virtual Space
PresenterTitleTime (EST)
Aidan RaffertyOptical manipulation of single aerosol particles12:00-12:20-12:40-1:00
Dr Merschrod’s TeamFoolproof Forgeries, or Detectable Deceptions? Using Light as an Investigative Tool12:00-12:20-12:40-1:00
Kim OwenTalking with Light: Quantum Cryptography for Secure Communication12:00-12:20-12:40-1:00
Amy L StevensTaking snapshots of molecules with ultrashort pulsed lasers12:10-12:30-12:50-1:10
Michael RobertsonRecovering History with Light12:10-12:30-12:50-1:10
Myriam Prasow-ÉmondExoplanets in the most extreme environments12:10-12:30-12:50-1:10
Sandra ChengQuantum optics online lab tour1:20-1:30
Anna Leckman1:40-2:00-2:20-2:40
Dan PetrescuMetamaterials for the Future: 2D Phones, Light-Based Computer Chips, and Invisibility Cloaks1:40-2:00-2:20-2:40
Jacob KrichStar power: How to turn sunlight into electricity1:40-2:00-2:20-2:40
James StevensonWhat role do lasers play in observing broken gas molecules?1:50-2:10-2:30-2:50
Dr Murugkar’s Team1:50-2:10-2:30-2:50
Vincent Gousy-LeblancDetecting the invisible: How light allows the detections of neutrinos1:50-2:10-2:30-2:50